Saturday, January 7, 2012

College: How to Dress

By: Milarie Cardona
       Wilnerys Hernandez

      College is stage in your life where you will experience who you are in reality. You will find and meet friends that will be with you for the rest of your life. Toguether you and your friends will identify your personal sence of style. In our college, there are such a diferent variety of styles. There are the girls that doesnt give any effort to their appearence, the girls that give some but not too much (i mean the ones that dress well but at the same time confortable and fashionable) and finally theres the type of girls who put too much effort and look like they are going to a party (RIDICULOUS).  As time goes by college makes us realise that being a profeccional is very important and that includes dressing well and appropiate. Like future profecional the way you present yourself will determine what type of person you are. We as future lawyers try as much as we can to dress apropietly to attend to our classes. Obviously by dressing comfortable, because who will want to be in a stillettos with a 12 inch heal all day in college? We know we wouldnt! it would be unconfortable and at the end of the day you will feel like cutting of your feets. We asked some students around campus and they gave us their point of view:

Jessica P. said: "Students should dresss comfortable and apropriate wearing pijamas to a class is both unclassy and disrespectful to  the professor"

Leynice: "The way we dress shows to the world the way we feel and how much we care for ourselves”

People tend to pre-judge other by the way they look, and dressing accordingly is very important in these days because of that. We may be just students know, but we are the future of our nation, the profecionals of tomorrow. LETS ACT LIKE IT!


  1. u are soooooooo right!, on my campus people walk around in their pijamas! and im like OMG!



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