Monday, July 29, 2013

25 Random Facts About Me

  1.  I wore braces for 6 years.
  2. On that note, I was on 2nd grade when i got them (people still dont believe me).
  3. I want to adopt a baby someday
  4. I love to dance for God! 
  5. I love Jesus
  6. My favorite movie is, "A walk to remember"
  7. really loved high school musical, so dont judme
  8. Justin Beaber isn't that bad (again don't judge me)
  9. I am a Korean-loving Geek
  10. I dont feel like an adult. Still a child on the inside
  11. I am the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters and the youngest 2nd of 6 (long story)
  12. I havent had a long conversation (lets say more than 2 minutes) with my biological father in more than 3 years. (again, long story)
  13. I love my younger brother sooo much, he is going to the air-force in a cople of months and its going to be the first time we will be separated for more than a week in his 21 years of life.... Im going to miss him soooo much (P.S. DONT TELL HIM!)
  14. I call my dad (step-dad) daddy ^_^ im still his littel girl awwww
  15. Pink is my favorite color, so is brown
  16. I love oversize v-neck shirts
  17. I can count my closest friends with one hand
  18. I am very obsessive-compulsive over my office work
  19. Yes! i am a lawyer in training 
  20.  I love to organize stuff, by height, color, shape etc... that doesnt mean everything in my room is.
  21. I still live with the parents
  22. My obsession are accessories, specially rings, shoes and handbags
  23. I love Lauren Corads Fashion, I have to admit I loved her show "The Hills"
  24. I love the Kardashians (dont judge)
  25. I am really bad with phones, they live alot, because God's grace is upon them, Lol

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