Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 1

5 Ways to Win Your Heart -

What does other girls said
  1. Tabby: "My heart cannot be won by mischievous acts, its meant for someone true, someone who doesn't have to try, someone who knows how a woman should be treated.
  2. "Nunna an 18 year old highschool graduate said: "ask my heart not me lol!!  i think its totally random like i can put 5 things right now, but that one guy comes with the opposite of all of them and he wins my heart lol!! i don't know i don't really have experience in that lol
  3. Alexandrya said:  1 be a fun person life of party etc 2 have a sense of humor 3 a sweet person who i know i can trust 4 love a guy with a big heart 5 not a fraud to be himself. all up a sweet rebel to have fun with and love.

What I Say: 

  • He should be able to make me laugh- I am a very shy person, so i usually tend to fall for those funny, outgoing guys. That doesn't mean that he should be childish or act like a clown all day
  • Be a true gentlemen-  Do you know the term S.W.A.G. well "She Wants A Gentleman" yes! yes! I do, but he must have his side of swagness too. When I say gentleman it implies more than opening the door for me or pulling the chair at the restaurant to eat. He must be kind, humble, gracious, and considerate too
  •  Must have a bright future- I don't mean good grades geek, I mean, smart enough to know how important his future is. He must be determined and a hard worker. He must definitely know what he wants for himself and his family.
  • Family oriented- I am a family oriented girl, I usually stay home with my family, I talk to them every single day. I go out with my family. He should respect that and he should become part of my family. Plus he should have or at-least try to have that relationship with his family.
  • Love God above all things- If you (readers) don't know yet, I am a devoted Christian, so that means he should be one, not for me for himself.
  • BONUS: Trust, I most definitely trust him,  whats a relationship without trust? nothing. 

Hope you all like it! 
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