Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 8

 Back to the Future

Not long ago as I already told you I went to a weekend trip with my family. And we were talking about what the future may look to  each one of us. It was really interesting because when the topic started we were near a old sugar factory, that was working around when the Island was under control by the government of Spain (and we've been part of the U.S. for a little bit more of 100 years).

I have three expectations of what the future may look like. One is the really  Starwars-ish where there are flying cars, robots everywhere and all that. The second one is very Tarzan like. Where everything is covered by trees where the grass hast been cut for years. Cities are abandoned, and there is no electricity. Like going back to the Indian ages. And Finally the last expectation that I have of the future is the WALLE version. Because on the rate each country is producing waste, it is alarming! 

So in celebration of my expectation of the future (lolz) Here is some inspiration for each one! 


2. Tarzan Like 

3. WALLE-ISH future

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