Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 2013 Favorites

1. Elf Cosmetics: the most amazing drugstore make up ever! I just love it for my everyday routine! And the best part? each one is just $1. Yes! I love it!
Last week I bough: powder, lip gloss, mascara all for just $3 plus taxes. Can you believe that?

2. NYC liquid Makeup: This thing is amazing!and again Less that $5.

I used to use a really expensive beauty salon foundation that it was $60 the bottle. and this drugstore one, works just the same. Amazing! It gives such an amazing coverage!

3. Leopard print scarf: I bought mine on Chinatown NY, and it was $8

I love it! even though I live on a tropical Island, nights tend to get a little chilly sometimes, so just in case cold sets in, I always carry my scarf. I LOVE IT.

4. Lauren Conrad: she has been my fashion inspiration this whole summer I guess. I just love how she dresses so modest and comfortable. Just my kind of style.

That is how I describe LC's style

5. Community Service: Lately I've been wanting to help my mom with her volunteering with Cancer organization here in PR. So I've been doing that this summer. Plus In the near future I want to volunteer in an orphanage. I feel like those kids, need love and someone just to be there! 

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