Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 9

Why is Education Important

      With classes just around the corner (and also thanks o the 30 day blog challenge, lol) , there is one thing that comes to my mind "Why is it that education is so important to our society?". More that getting a Diploma, I think that education  Is more than learning geometry and science. Getting an education a way to learn the structure of our society (or at least it is supposed to be that way).

     In today's class rooms you don't see the same thing you saw when you where little. Teachers today do not have a compromise to teach the student correctly, to most of them is just a job, where they get paid so they can eat. Not like in the old days where a teachers primordial task was to  mold the student in such a way that they could become a productive and responsible adult in the future. It is just not doing the job correctly.

     Even tough that is happening, as parents you can depend on education (school education) to be the primordial  instruction of your child's life. The Family is the one that sets values. 

Hope you have a great semmester, 
now that school/college 
is about to star for some of you!
Blessings and love,

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