Friday, August 2, 2013

Update- Workout Challenge!

 Hey lovies! this is just a quick update! some weeks ago I made a post about a 30 day Workout challenge (abs, squats and arms), that I found on the internet. So I've been following it religiously! except the abs one, I have no idea, why I always ignore the abs workout! I just hate it that much. And hate is such a harsh word. Anyways, i started to see results like 4 days after I started, but then, I went on a weekend trip with my family for my baby brothers 21rst birthday and even though I did the exercises, my diet, my healthy eating diet went down the drain. I mean I spend the weekend eating all kind's of junk food and lot's of pasta. Do I regret it? definitely! Its hard for me to go back again to the way I was eating before that weekend, its like starting from the beginning again. And in case you where wondering, Yes! i gain 4 pounds in 3 days! *TEAR* But hey! I know I can get back in track. And so can you if you are in the same position of me! Keep up the good work Ladies!

 Blessings to all and I hope you had an amazing day! 

With Love, 

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