Friday, August 23, 2013


Hey Everyone!

I'm just doing a little update about me to you guys! because I haven't been posting as much (at least for me because the post you have been seeing I've been scheduling them. 

As you all may know, college already started for me and it have been pretty hectic. Being a full time student,a dance teacher, a dance student and having to balance school work, house work, work, and my family is not easy at all. 

So yeah! I am teaching dance at a church in the town next to mine and even though is not easy, I enjoy it a lot. Being able to be an example for young girls and more than a teacher noticing that they see me as a friend is just AMAZEBALLS! 

School has been hectic, i am studying 3 out of 7 days of the week. 5 classes: Political Science, Social Psychology,Statistics (when will it  end?!?!?! do you hate math as much as I do?) Human Development, and French. Yes! I am taking a french class. So far it as been awesome, but it is soooo hard! who said learning a new language was easy? I expect to get straight A's these semester so ,I've been working hard on that. 

The other thing I've been doing is taking dance lessons. I am in a contemporary dance class, and I just LOVE IT!!! :) The academy where I've been taking the class, isn't christian, but God is just amazing, and they opened a session just for a christian group. So here I am! ;) Clases are hard but I know I can do it! 

The last thing I wanted to tell you guys! is that I've been wanting to exercise for quite a bit. But I've just been so lazy. So I never really do it. Thanks to my awesome dance class I've decided to improve my self. Just to let you know. Its not that I am unhappy with my body or anything (well  not completely). I want to loose 20 pounds. But of course I will loose first 10 pounds and see if I love it, afterwards if I want to stay like that, then I will, If not, then I will continue to loose weight.

With these loosing weight thing, it is not that I am going to go into a strict diet, I believe i am making a live change. a new healthier me, I already have lost 5 pounds, I was 145 and know i am 140. And that's just because I  stoped eating some stuff like juice and soda's, I still eat candy and stuff, but not every day. ONE THING AT A TIME PEOPLE! ONE THING AT A TIME! jajaja. So yeah, I will definitely keep you updated about these, awesome change in my life. And I hope I can be of Inspiration to some of you.

Ohh and I've my own laptop wallpaper for some motivation because, I need it so here it is! :) 

With Love, 
Mila <3

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