Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 1 Review

Hey Lovies!

As you all know last week I entered the "A* Grade Challenge" And here is my Week 1 Review!!!! :) so exiting!

So I've been trying out different techniques these first week to see which one is better for me. I tried studying with background music, i tried using post-its, highlighters, pens in different colors, index cards and all that. and I have to say I cant stick to one of them. I choose the one im in the mood for, I cant stick to a routine, too boring for me. So I guess this semester I will be using all of them.

These semester I have 5 clases
      Political Science
      Social Psychology
      Human Development

Till know I need to use different ways of studying for each class. Because they demand different things for me. For example, I cant study for french with music on because I need to listen and understand the pronunciation of the words.

I had two quizzes these week, and I still dont know how I did! ^_^ I hope I did good.

Also, I've tried to procrastinate less. Its hard because as you know i am obsessed with K-dramas and you tubers. So I've set hours of the day just to do that. But my goal is to just see them once a week. But i am still too weak. Hey I am human after all!And humans make mistakes!

In my next post I will give you a detail description of what I've been doing to improve my grades:

Love You All! 
Mila <3

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