Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hop into Fall's Caribbean Heat

Caribbean Style? whats that? for fall? Fall means falling leaves, cold air and...... some of the most hottest days in my life. As you may already (or not) know I am from Puerto Rico and the past three days have felt like the Sahara desert. SERIOUSLY!there was an article on a local newspaper that stated that there is a new record (and it keeps changing every day O.o) today 99 Fahrenheit so dont tell me that I should wear tights, scarves and heavy knitted cardigans. I mean  it is hotter than it was in summer for Gods Sake!

FEATURING: Forever21
Here are some things that may look kind of Fall-ish but still being breezy: 
Dresses to Impress
 Dresses are pieces for every season. And they are also breezy. You can layer them if its a cold day / night and vice-versa! LOVE THEM!

Shorts, Kimonos, leopard print & Flannel Print:
I have some Kimonos and I absolutely Love them Specially if they are chiffon.
And shorts wow! a most. Remember to wear them with a loose long or 3/4 sleeve.
some thing that says Fall

 Ankle Booties : 
 As You can see from the pictures above they are all wearing ankle boots and its something you can really wear in this heat! DO NOT! wear knee high boots on these weather! 
You will cook your legs jajaja!

In any way Forever21 has asked me to promote their products
 I am featuring only Forever21 today because I sincerely love their clothes. 
I haven't been paid to promote them.

If you want to read the news article here is the link:

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