Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obsessions - August Favorites

August is over O.o, wow! I still cant believe how fast that happend a month ago I was enjoying my summer vacation.So there is a lot of stuff I'm really exited to show you guys.  Some things I've had for a while and  I just got back to using them again. 

Makeup & Beauty

1. Avon  Perfect Wear Liquid Eyeliner- Ive been addicted to wearing the so called "natural Korean look" so I tend to war this almost every day. I love it! I seriously do! its so easy to apply. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

2. Messy Bun- What can I say about this? it is easy to make! its my to go hairstyle for class. So comfortable and it doesn't like like i made much effort to look cute for class.

3. nu-pore Make-up Remover- Because I've been using a lot of eye make-up lately my face wash is not enough! I bought this a few weeks ago. And it really leaves my face make-up free. And the best part its not expensive AT ALL! i bought if for 1:49 at my local supermarket on the personal higene isle.

4. X-treme Control Curl Gel! I love it! yes! it is cheap but hey i love how my hair looks when I use this! The only word i can think of to describe this is AMAZEBALLS! really! it makes my curls look defines and soft at the same time!


1. Pink Capri Pants- They are so comfortable and look so pretty! I use them all the time- to class, to visit my family, shopping, anyways! I use them to go everywhere. A few weeks back I wrote an "I love Mondays" post And I told you guys I loved pink and golds together... well i'm still into them! I bought mine at Marshalls

2. Pandora bracelet- enough said. It was a gift from one of the most important people in my life, My momma! so I never take it off! <3

Looking foward to hear what are your August Favorites! 
comment down bellow!

Mila <3

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