Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pic into my life: September

Hey there you! I'm just doing a little pictorial update to you guys! I haven't done anything all out like that because I've been studying but w/e enjoy!

 I went to a press conference with my mom for the American Association Against Cancer thing we are part of here in the island it is called "Marcha por una causa" and it is to promote and inform people about breast cancer. My mom is the president for one of the parades/marches on one of the towns west of the island.

 By the way...
<----------- these women right here, she ain't my mom. She is the spoke person for the company and a very famous Women here in Puerto Rico. It is an honor to work with her for these cause. And of course with my mother that she is my role Model!

In my procrastinations moments, or model-wannabe moments 
Ive taken * A LOT * of selfies

Lunch Date with the girls, they are the most awesome friends a girl can ask for.
 I dont know what I would do without them!
They are the PEANUT to my BUTTER
the POP to my TART
and the BUTTER to my FLY 
lol, yes! i love them that much! I have been so blessed with them.

Like you guys should already know I am Christian.... DUHH! jajaja
But i am also a dancer in church and some time ago I had the blessing of starting to dance again
It had been months since I stopped dancing because I had to make a hard decision of moving from churches... Long Story you guys dont have to really know! :)

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