Monday, October 28, 2013

30 Day Makeover

Summer is 7 months and a few days from today (although I live in Puerto Rico, so that makes me live in a forever summer land jajaja) And one of the goals I have is to loose some weight (15 pounds to be exact) and get fit. I know! I know! I've tried it before and I've loose weight but then I gain it back.. I know it happened to you too, you are not perfect just like I am not perfect. 2 weeks ago I started to so zumba again. 2 times a week. Know this week I am incorporating one blogilates video a day. I found this page where Sadia shows a very similar post like this but it is a 60 day health makeover... well! i dont have the courage to believe that I will last 60 days so that is why I'm cutting it into a 30 day first. Then when the 30 days are over I will do something else.  The four things above are the 4 things I will be trying to do religiously starting NOW! you should too. 

Mila <3

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