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A Closet Full of Nothing to Wear: College Edition

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Getting ready for class in the mornings is like trying to pet a lion. Specially for us college students with such a limited income. Even so I know you all have a closet full of clothes. Let me tell you, every morning I miss having to wear those school uniforms. (mine was navy blue) Many times we have heard from our mothers or grandmothers the famous phrase "stick to the basics".

Jeans are something indispensables, its something we use everyday, all day & night. The best part of jeans is that they go with absolutely everything. You can use them to be as they say over here in Puerto Rico "chilliando (hanging out) with friends" or at dinner with coworkers. Besides being extremely comfortable, there are multiple varieties of colors, length and designs you can choose from. Besides there are some that are extremely economical for the student's pocket.

These types of shirts are a "must have" for classes. They come in all colors and are extremely comfortable. You can put on a V-neck shirt with a skirt -as does Lauren Conrad (who loves to pare essentials and basic things with classical piece in her wardrobe. . Personally I like over sized ones, not to big though, just one size bigger, so I can feel more comfortable. V-necks are fantastic for layering, comfortable when lounging around your house or dorm, or to tone down statement extras.

They must be completely comfortable! Flats are a must. Ballet flats, Gladiators, boots... there are so many shoes that are flat that I dont even know which one to choose. My college is pretty big so I have to walk a lot from class to class. So wearing flats is a very good idea. Rather than spending a ton of money on one fancy leather pair of flats, I personally prefer to go shoe hunting in payless, jcpenney, marshalls etc...

For those ice cold labs, or those hours yo will be spending studying  at the library from the north pole. A oversized sweater  or a chic cardigan can come in handy. I personally love wearing cardigans because they can be styled in so many different ways.

I am one of those people that can wear shorts day and night, but here is the thing, when attending class try to be modest. Do not! I repeat "DO NOT!" wear shorts that are mistaken for underwear. Remember be classy and modest. You are not going to the each you are attending a class, with your future colleges, where your mentors are going to be at. And yes! although I hate it, people do judge others by the way they look.

 I love wearing tank-tops. I live in the Caribbean which means I use them all year round. Having them in all basic colors (black/ white/ navy blue/ gray) may come in handy. You can use it alone or you can layer it with a chiffon blouse, a cardigan or a sweater.


Do you have some of this pieces? Can you think of any basic pieces that I left out? Are these items your style, or do you prefer edgier, trendier, more urban, or more boho looks? What other “building block” pieces do you have in your closet? What are some of your favorite ways to wear these pieces?

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