Saturday, October 26, 2013

Things a girl in her 20's should know

Edited: Milarie Cardona Vázquez

The big 20's... Do you remember Britney Spears song "♪♫♪ I'm not a girl, not yet a woman ♪♫♪" Well I don't know about you but I can elate to that phrase of the song. As a 22 year old "young women", I dont feel like an adult yet but I also dont feel like a teenager. I feel like I still need guidance (from parents & God of course). Lets be honest, I know you don't know all the things in life - even though we act as if we did - and I dont expect you to. Girls all the excuses we used in our teen years are slowly becoming invalid arguments. We are growing up, and we have to accept it. At this point in live we should know certain things. And that is where the wonderful world of "THE INTERNET" comes in. I have put together a compilation of things I thought us 20 somethings should know by know or should learn as fast as we can. 

Here are nine things I think every 20 something should know:

1. How to Cook

2. How to parallel park 

3. Time is NOT limitless... think about it, in just a blink of an eye, we will turn into 30 something.

4. Be prepared for a job interview

5. Healthy Habits... that will make us live longer

6. Rejection is not a sign that you should stop doing what you love... It is married to doing what you love. It should not be kneecapping you. Embrace it. 

7. Respect your elders... specially your mother every single thing (except for maybe three) that annoys and disappoints you about her will be something you recognize in yourself as you get older. That's one big bakery full of humble pie you're cooking up right now.

8. We’re More Productive in the Morning. 

9. Don’t Wait to Be Told What to Do...You can’t have a sense of entitlement without a sense of responsibility 
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  1. Hey Mila! I love your posts, there so inspiring! Will definitely follow on bloglovin! Would also appreciate if you checked out my blog! Many Thanks! :) xoxo

    That Quirky Panda

    1. Hey! :) Thanks! :) I checked your blog, amazeballs! ^_^ Hey! my firt language is spanish so if you need help for school you can ask me anything... well depends! I am from Puerto Rico, so its a little different from Spain's spanish! Good luck on both school and your blog!



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