Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday!

Translation: Black Friday, Puerto Rico.

Hello my lovely shopaholics! 

Did any of you went to the apocalyptic black Friday event at your nearest mall? I did! of course I am not one of those that sleeps outside the store and waits for it to open, But I did go there at 1 pm, just to see how everything was going. Did I bought anything you ask? NO! -___- I didn't find anything I liked, plus I was expecting some really good deals, and to tell you the truth I didn't find anything. Of course the reason might have been the fact that the deals were till' 6 am but here is always good deals after that.


Yeah Mulan that was my reaction too when I heard and saw at the news and actually I was a little disappointing. Seeing the reaction of the people one's those doors opens, really made me think of where the heart of those people are. They turned into monsters. Hitting others just to get one of the 100 LD televisions on the store. One guy here in PR hit give a lady a black eye, because he wanted to take her Tv away. But the lady didn't let go of it.. (YOU GO GIRL! dont let no man take your stuff away!).

It just amaze me of how people act the day after we give thanks for everything he have... I just dont get it! For realz!  
Can you explain that to me?

Black Friday Apocalypses around the world

Puerto Rico



Ohh and another thing... Black Friday? BLACK Friday?!?!? why in he world is it called BLACK Friday? I believe that is just racist!....... sorrythat was my inner African heritage talking... but for realz! change the name of it! to one that descrbes it better... Apocalyptic Friday will describe it better!

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and tell me your reactions of this past Friday's sales event


  1. Haha I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of these pictures! Love the 'go girl' bit made me have a good laugh! Great post-I can't believe how immature they are all acting-especially as you said-THE DAY AFTER they've been thankful fr eerything they have! I think it's called 'BLACK' Friday evade in the older times there's was something called the black market aka te illegal trade where everything was really cheap-pretty sure it has no racial connotations:) lots of love, lauryn from

    1. you are right about the whole racial connotations, i wrote it probably because something happened with me just before I wrote this post and it was because about my skin color.......

      I keep watching the videos and I really feel ashamed of the human race

  2. Oh my gosh, this is insane! This is why I don't go shopping on that day.



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