Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eyeliner 101: How to re-shape your eyes.

I believe that a good eyeliner is be the most important eye makeup tool ever invented, after the concealer and foundation, of course. Why? because I dont see the eye liner as a simple beauty product, I see it as a the instrument Caprese Michaelangelo used to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. It can create a masterpiece, Only if you know how to use it of course. The eyeliner is not only a way to make a statement, it’s also the perfect instrument to reshape your eye.

But before you pull out your eye liner and try to make plastic surgery without the plastic or the surgery, you will first need to determine what your eye shape is so that you can enhance and correct! Are your eyes close together, farther apart... Know look at the chart below and find the eyes that are the most similar to your own:

The blue line in the chart below 
is a guide for you to see by how applying 
a little or more on one side can help change a eye shape.

There you go ladies! If you don’t know what shape eyes you have, try them all out you ultimately decide what goes on your face, so do what makes you happy! 

Tell me: 
What is the best eyeliner product you have ever used? 
What tricks do you use when applying eyeliner?
Any tips you wish to share? 


  1. wow, I love your writing style! I couldn't agree more with you,eyeliner is my everyday must! These illustrations are amazing, really very helpful. I've been trying to explore new ways of lining my eyes so I'll be giving some of these a go. I think the best eyeliner I've ever used is a Barry M kohl, but for everyday I love my MUA liquid liner. I like winged best, I think it is so simple but so effective. Great post! Look forward to reading more :D L xo

  2. Thank You! :) I really dont remember where I got the photographs from, I didn't make them.. I had them saved on my computer for months.... And yeah! I cant live without eye liner. I have pretty bi eyes, so I like to work with them in a way that they look smaller.... I am currently obsessed with a really cheap liquid liner from AVON, I cant remember what its called, but I love how it looks, and specially that it lasts all day. I do want to try some gel liner, any suggestions?



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