Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fitness & Health....

Okay! so a few months ago (summer) I decided to start working out and i was doing super amazing job, I lost 10 pounds but then classes started and I was a bit stressed with all the school work I had, and dance and church and all that so I stop working out, and I ate a lot of junk food. So today after passing the food comma I had after my thanksgiving lunch, I was aware of how much weight I had gotten after my aunt showed me the picture she had just taken of me. Plus I've been feeling less healthier lately and even basic stuff are becoming hard for me to do.. Like dancing. My resistance is sooo much less than I used to.

To keep my self motivated I am going to write a post every week about fitness & health. Keep in mind that I am not a professional.. AT ALL.. in this topic so you must consult your physician before doing what ever tip/idea/workout routine I decide to blog about here. 

Please tell me if you have any blog about fitness or know about any blog about fitness.. 
Or If you just want to motivate me!
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  1. Hi. I'm stopping by from the Grow Your Blog Link Up. I was doing better working out a few months ago than I have been the last couple months also, and classes were a little bit of falling behind. I also keep a fitness blog I let my old domain lapse and it took me forever to get everything transferred over and to fix all the links so there's not much recent on there, but I am planning on resuming the blogging soon with my experience with Les Mills Combat. I plan on starting Asylum on the first and to blog about that also. As far as other people's blogs, the only one I follow that has been updating lately is She blogs about some other stuff as well but there are some workouts and healthy recipes on there. Also if you happen to have an iPhone and like Zumba or want to try it, their app is free temporarily I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet but I just downloaded it today and thought I'd pass it on.



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