Thursday, November 14, 2013

SOPHIE B: My Induction into the Blogging Community

A little Bit About Sophie
I run a beauty-based blog with a difference (or so I like to think!) – writing feature posts and often interviewing other bloggers. I started my blog to develop my own writing style, as I’m always writing to brief for work, but I’m really enjoying being part of the blogging community and now I’m already thinking of expanding my blog to include reviews. If you’d like to take a look at my blog you can find me here: and I’m always tweeting away: @tweetsbysophie.

My Induction into the Blogging Community

I was really keen to write a guest post for Milarie and asked her if there was anything she had in mind. She replied saying that I could choose the topic, but to bear in mind that she’s Christian and at that point I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about.

I admit that I started my blog with somewhat of a business head on; I knew what I wanted to write about and why, but what I never prepared for was the wonderful and diverse people that blogging allows you to interact with.

Yes, there are the odd few individuals that can be hateful on Twitter or even in blog comments, but the majority of bloggers are really nice people. I find it amazing to witness people from entirely different backgrounds talk to each other about their shared interests with such respect for each other. I’ve read great posts from bloggers aged 13 to 50-something, from people on the other side of the world and from all kinds of religion, wealth and families and there’s always something different (and great) to take from them.

I’ve seen people who are essentially complete strangers offering each other support, and not just help with their blog, but personal encouragement and genuine concern. Of course this is not specific to blogging, but can be found across the internet, although for what is essentially becoming a competitive industry, bloggers generally seem to give as much advice as they take.

After only a couple of weeks blogging, I’m really excited to continue talking to some of the people I’ve met (can you say met?!) and I can’t wait to read lots more posts from all sorts of bloggers. I’ve found blogging to be a great way of talking to people, I would never otherwise come across.

After writing this, I realize that the whole post sounds incredibly cheesy, but I’m pretty certain that a lot of bloggers reading this can relate. 

Thank you for having me Mila! 

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