Thursday, November 21, 2013

HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by: David Adeleke

Meet David Adeleke:  

David Adeleke is a blogger and student who has love for knowledge and inspiration. He uses relatable experiences to inspire his readers and help them lead better lives. To connect with him, simply head over to his blog for his contact details,  follow him on twitter as @MrDavidAdeleke or send him a mail at

"Gloria is a failure. She’s been a failure all her life. From primary school all through to secondary school, she’d always been an epic fail. She even failed at killing herself.
Gloria’s father has never hesitated to remind her of how much he hated her. He never failed to make her know that he wasn’t proud of her. He had given up. Since her mother’s death, she’d even become worse. Gloria’s father had brought her to yet another university admission exercise. She wanted to try one last time. But yet again, she failed. To her, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She headed back to the school’s guest house with her father but her father was too ashamed to be around her so he decided to head out again. This time, Gloria decided it was time to meet her maker. Life wasn’t worth living anymore.

She mixed some cleaning chemicals in the guest lounge and was about to drink it all when she decided that she’d rather go on her last walk on God’s green earth first. While taking that walk she met Tunde. Tunde was a 3rd year student of the university Gloria just tried to apply to. Tunde, being a jovial young man, walked up to Gloria and asked “You’re an applicant right?”  She looked it “Yes,” Gloria replied weakly. “Well then, see you next year,” said Tunde, with a wide smile, “God bless you.”

That was it. Tunde’s warmness and statement “See you next year” gave her hope she never had before. A year later, Gloria applied again to the university. She made it in. she even made a perfect GPA, a 4.0, in her first year. She met Tunde, who was in his final year then, and narrated this story to him. Tunde was happy. Not for what he did, but that he saved a life. Tunde knew how to save a life."

This story is based on a real life event. Of course I changed the names but the story is 100% true. The point is, your words are powerful. You too can learn to save a life. Share love share God’s love. God’s love saved mankind before. The same love can also save any life.

Thank you David, 
for sharing with us this amazing story.

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