Thursday, November 21, 2013

"It's all about the squinch"

It's been all around the news and web pages around America and its now hitting the eastern areas of the world. What is it? Well Peter Hurley an American photographer says he has invented the best camera pose to make your self appear more photogenic.The pose is called "The Squinch" . It simply consists of narrowing the distance between your lower eye-lid and your pupil. Simple as that .

As The Daily Dot said: "Be careful out there, people. Bad selfies are lurking just around the corner, wide-eyed and insecure. You’d better stay squinchy."

From The Man Himself: 

Judge Yourself... Does it really Work? 


  1. I saw this on tv today and just started screaming "it's called a smize and it isn't new! ASK TYRAAAAA! ASK TYRAAAA!".

    Needless to say that same level of crazy overcame me when I read your post. Have a rad day :)

    1. that just what i said when I first saw it, its the exact same thing... But if Peter calle's it the squinch, I shall call it the squinch... Tyra talked about it on her show? I got to see that! She is hillarious, I can imagine her jajaja

      Enjoy your squinching! lolz



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