Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Racism, Discrimination & Prejudice

I still do not understand why does racism still exists in this world. As a psychology undergrad student, I have studied the concept, read different articles and was even part of an experiment. But till this date, I dont understand why would someone judge others by their ethnic group, racial background and even skin color.A few days ago I read on CNN about a 14 year old boy that was sentenced to death on a electric chair and 70 years later it turns out that he was innocent. He was accused of killing 2 white girls. Yes! he was dark skinned. Don't tell me that there wasn't any racism there.

As a celebration of Puerto Rico's discovery week, I wanted to look for information about it's people... MY PEOPLE... and I came across something that really made me shiver. As I am writing this post I cant still believe what I read. I've never felt targeted because of my race, or skin color, or anything in that matter. But this made me feel sorry for all those around the world who are being discriminated, and prejudged.

This is what I found, 
It was posted  few years back!

Of course there was this super awesome response to this brilliant man's statement (of course I am being REALLY sarcastic with the whole brilliant thing).

The Awesome Answer:

Leave your opinion about this... Have you or your country ever been prejudged this way? Tell me Your Story I want to hear it!

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