Thursday, November 14, 2013

Swag is for boys... Class is for men

Yes! I am single! have been for about 4 years know, and let me tell you I am loving the single life, although sometimes you need to hear something sweet that doesn't come from your family's mouth. The fact that I've been single for so long has had my family and friends worried. So at gatherings it is very common to hear someone ask me things about this topic, but the one that is really interesting is "What type of men do you prefer". I am going to be honest, I DONT have a type. But I do have a sense of style and there are some things I look in a man. A part from the fact that he has to has the same values as I do.

I dont know if its because I am getting closer to my mid-20's and its supposed to happens like its some kind youth menopause, but as time goes by my taste in mens fashion evolves. I mean, at 9 I didn't look at boys at all, at 14 I was attracted to those guys whose pants were almost touching the floor and not their behinds [lol], at 18 there was the boys who's pants were skinnier than mine, and know.... know I like guys in suits? I have no clue when it happens, I have to admit a polished , well shaved and well dress guy is the cherry on top of a good movie, drama and real life.


Of course, they can't always be dressed that way so there has to be that place in the middle were men has both, Class & Swag. I call it SWASS. 

                                                            CLASS + SWAG = SWASS

Lets keep in mind that being "classy" makes him the bet guy in the world. Maybe he has the best sense of style but in his personality and character is that of an *&%#@@%  (pardon me for my expression). So please girls. Do not focus on these things when looking for a guy. Always look for his heart and values.

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  1. 이민호 Looks cute in that picture! |( ̄3 ̄)| 오빠 사랑해



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