Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Top Knot

The top knots is my favorite go-to hairstyle, not only because its practical, but because you don’t need any mad braiding skills, you will look amazing and it can be achieved in minutes. And to top all that, you can make it look fancy or you can just made it look as you didn't put so much effort into looking gorgeous as you do at that moment. 

 Stylist Tommy Buckett suggestions to a perfect Top Knot:

1. Flip your hair upside down when gathering hair into the ponytail. This will help you to get it as high as possible.

2. Once you’ve gathered the hair, flip upright and look up to the ceiling, so your head is tilted, which will make smoothing the hair into place that much easier.

3. Once your ponytail is secured, wrap the hair around the base and secure with four to five large bobby pins.

Different Top Knot Hairstyles:

What's your favorite Hairstyle these days?
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