Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time Is Gold In Your Hands (Part 1)

Time is something we humans underestimate, unappreciate and take for granted. Just 10 seconds ago I was 16 and now I am 22 and in 4 months I will be turning 23... *Ohh Lord Jesus 23!, let me take a second to digest this jajaja* ... 

Back to the point... We run around from place to place always trying to make the best of time, but we only think about our future. We even create things to manage our time, so we can have more time to work. We just dont want to waste anything. But aren't we wasting our life?. let me tell you... YOU ARE GOING TO DIE OF A HEART DISEASE IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING!... You know what time is passing by, we are getting older, and you should enjoy day by day as if it was your last one.

I recently read on a Fashion Magazing this "while we run around trying to not waste even a second of our day, our precious time is running away, and yet we say we wish we could do so many things, but there is just no time." The time we spend at the car on our way to our house or on the spare 25 minutes of lunch are just enough to transform our everyday routine into a perfect day.

How? well take notes & Carpe Diem with these amazing tips from Glamour EspaƱa Magazine:

Don't leave the house without a book: You can read on the bus, taxi or plane, while you wait at a doctors appointment or where ever. When you think you have nothing to do, that is the perfect time to grab a book and enlighten yourself with some amazing words of some amazing, creative & inspiring authors.

Do Exercises: At the office or at school, while on that 5 or 10 minute break... you know what to do!

Take a deep breath: Where ever you live, you must have a park near by, so go there and sit far away from all the noise of the city, enjoy YOUR time, even though is just for  couple of minutes, we need that time to relax & recharge our batteries.

Take a massage:Usually at work we get an hour to have lunch. Well then do not use it all, save 30 minutes and go take a wonderful massage. Your body will thank you as you get older.

Start a Hobbie: Start a new hobbie, whether is knitting, drawing or what ever, it's a good way to get away from your hectic life. START A BLOG! at least that's what I did. Teach the world what you know. Be productive. 

Well that's all for today folks! ^_^ hope you enjoyed it!
 Leave a comment down below and tell me 
what do you do to get away from all the craziness of today's hectic world?


  1. These are things all I have to do lol
    I used to read a lot of books but not at all recently.
    yes, I shouldn't waste my time :)
    and also, I was surprised at the fact you are 22... :p

    1. I dont read anything! except for fashion magazines, newspaper or things I have to read for University. And yeah! 22! :) how old you thought I was?

  2. Love this post girl! I think it is so important for everyone to make the most of every day! To get away from the crazy world I love to read and write it lets me relax and calms me and I feel most at peace when I am doing those two things! :) xo

    1. I know right! I write to release stress, with some piano or any instrumental music on the side. :)



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