Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turn it up! My October's Sacra Music Playlist

There is a huge amount of incredible new music around right know. People are usually into the new music... I on the other hand dont care if its a single that just came out a few hours ago or a song from the 80's. I listen to everything.  Here is last months "Sacra" (which means christian music in Puerto Rico) playlist (well at least my top 10:

Israel Houghton - "Jesús el mismo"

Israel Houghton - "Tu presencia es el cielo"

Addison Road - "What do I know og Holy?"

Casting Crowns - "East to West"

Eddie James - "I need You"

Eddie James - "The name of Jesus"
Hillsong - "Heartbeats"
Kirk Franklin - "But the Blood" 
Marcos Brunnett - "Tu Presencia es nuestro hogar"
Kim Walker - "Pursuit" 

Tell me! Whats your October playlist?
Mila <3 

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  1. I have been needing new songs to listen to! I absolutely love your blog I am so happy we connected! I am a fellow christian as well! :)



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