Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Fight In The Comment Section by Dinesha Johnson

Hi my name is Dinesha Johnson and I’m the blogger of Deejay Speaks(a personal style and poetry blog) and She Has The Eye(a social media and style blog). After a few years of blogging, I’ve learned a lot of tips on building interesting content, and the best ways to share it. I’ve also learned that interesting content equals interested readers, which usually results in comments. I found myself obsessively going over my posts, and checking my blog to see if anyone commented.

    The value of my blog became defined by feedback. I’d check my Google Analytics, I was getting views but no comments. Did this mean my hard work was glance worthy but not worthy of a comment? How come  people were reading my blog but didn’t want to engage with me? The way I write is how I talk, so I began taking it as though people didn’t want to engage with me in particular. Ultimately this meant that I was not likable.

     I took a break from blogging altogether and was thinking about throwing my passion away. I became very tempted, but something always kept me from hitting that delete button. That thing keeping me from deleting years of work, was purpose and passion. I had to get familiar with my purpose for blogging again! I blog because of my passion for writing. I write because I believe that through my craft I can inspire, as someone else has inspired me.

    I’m sharing this experience to tell all bloggers that you have to keep your blogger purpose close to you, because that is your passion. The moment you allow outside sources to determine your worth, is when you give your power away. Being open to constructive criticism is beneficial but don’t become  reliant on it. I understand that it feels good to get comments. It feels good to know someone saw something you created and felt provoked to leave a remark. It also feels incredible to give yourself the freedom to create, regardless of what someone says or doesn’t say about it. Regardless of  the number of comments, remember why you create.

 Thanks Dinesha for this amazing guest post!



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