Sunday, December 1, 2013

Au revoir Novembre et Bonjour Decembre

Oh Lord Jesus! Tomorrow is December. Can you believe that? in just 25 days Santa will came down our chimney (well I dont have one so I guess I will leave the front door open) in 31 days this year will be over, and we will say hello to a new year! 2014 my new bestfriend. I know it will treat me right... Will it bring me new friends? motivation to get my body in shape?... a boyfriend maybe? who knows! I just want the 2014 to start!

November has flown by, it's been a pretty crazy month, with ups and downs like everything in life. But amazing.!  I am happy its over though and I will be even happier when this year ends!...  A few weeks ago I made some goals that I named my FALLOTING GOALS. And here is my progress!!!

I think I did pretty darn awesome in this goal... As for the other two goals I did get into Her Campus UPRM and I did guest blogged for someone else blog! If you want to read it, please click on the following link:

Don't let peer pressure define you: 

Be proud of who you are

I'm really looking forward to what December holds for me. I have new goals for this next month and I hope I follow them trough. I hope Everyone had an awesome November and I also hope and pray that this December will be the best you will have this year! :)



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