Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2: Likes & Dislikes

Day 2 ladies!  For day two we have to share 10things we like and 10 we dislike. I will talk about them in detail after each image! Get ready to know me better! :) 

Likes who here do not have things they like? I mean everybody does. As you can see above you can see my 10 likes.

Dancing: Since I was little I loved dancing I wanted to take ballet class but my dad put me in Karate instead of ballet, so I left that dream go, but once I got to church I realized God wanted me to dance, but not for the world like Svetlana Zakharova, but as Milarie Cardona, a typical girl who wishes to worship him through dance, like we are told to do on Psalms 150:4. I've been dancing in church for over 6 years know. Since I was 16. Its kinda cool the story of how I got involved in the dance ministry. But that will be a whole other blog post. I actually have another blog called "Escogidos Para Danzar" (choosen to dance) where I write about dance.

K-Dramas: yes! yes! yes! I love them more that I love American movies / series. More than I love my own countries "novelas" There is a reason why... HOT GUYS ...I mean they are so different, you dont see people having sex all over the place. That's why I like them. You can say they are PG-13.

Food: Who doesn't love food?  This is just a real obvious one huh! jaja

K-pop:  Look at the GIF below.... I got nothing more to say 

Political Science: my favorite class ever! I am studying Psychology but I have taken almost all my elective classes in Political Science and I am actually finishing a minor in International Relations. 

Traveling: Who doesn't like to travel? I hate planes but I love getting to the other side of the ocean! 

Cold Weather: I live in the Caribbean which means that out of 365 days that the year holds 335 are in a temperature above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The rest is between 70 and 85 a little more or a little less... still hot for me... I LOVE COLD SNOWY DAYS!.. which I dont get here on the island.  Here on this picture I was at Pennsylvania (march 2013) I was there to go dance at a Dance Graduation, of the same dance academy I was in Puerto Rico.. I LOVED THE SNOW!!!!

Family Time: I am a really family oriented girl, so I usually spend all of my free time with them. I love them so much! :)

Shopping:  Not much to say about that! 

Blogging: If I didn't like it I wouldn't be doing this, would I?

Phonecalls: I am not a phone person, I hate talking on the phone. I truly do.

Exams: Who likes them anyways? I think that exams do not determine what a student knows at all. 

Mayonnaise: ewwww.. I used to LOVE it, so much that when I was little and my mom left it in the counter of the kitchen, I used to eat it with a spoon behind her back O.o 

Hypocrites: those are the worst people ever O.o I dont understand it! why would somebody act as if they like or vise versa something or someone. Please! be true to yourself and your likes and dislikes.  
Arroz con pollo: it is a traditional dish here in PR and I hate it, the taste, the texture I just dont like it at all. 

Temperature over 88: I live in the Caribbean so it is pretty normal to have a temperature reaching the 100's. And I hate it. I went to New York & Pennsylvania this past march, and it was so cold that it even snowed. ahhhh AMAZING! I loved it. 

Tick Tock Clock: I dont know about you but the sound of a clock makes me nervous! I hate It, I cant have a clock on my walls or over my night stand. Creeps me out

Being Sick: Its obvious I dont even have to explain this one.

Studying: dont get me wrong I love to learn I just dont like to study.


  1. lol @ the gif. Words need not be spoken for that.

    1. jajaja I know right! .... that;s T.O.P. from BigBang a south korean pop band/group or w/e they are called



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