Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Making A fresh Start For New Years

When the holiday season comes to an end and all the festivities are over, you're left with a new year. I thing I call a blessing because I see it as an opportunity to set in place new thing and a time of consolidation of things you're already passionately pursuing. Whatever your preferred approach to the new year, it's nice to start feeling refreshed and focused, ready to get back into things you're working on or to get started on new things. 

Make New Year's Resolution list. And I don't mean the typical resolutions everybody makes, like "this year I am going to go to the GYM at least 3 times a week" Please! I make that resolution every year and of course I don't stick to them. Well maybe the first three weeks, but after that not at all. Make resolutions you know you will stick to them.

Clean your house/room/office. What better way to start a new year with everything organized. I don't know about you but just by thinking on  an organized closet I feel my life getting a little easier already. You can Swap your sheets, Switch up your decor, De-clutter your wardrobe  Hang up new photos add some flowers to your nightstand,. Just to get a different feeling.

Switch up your Look. Why not? I did it last year and it was the best thing ever! I colored and styled my hair differently and I felt amazing. The New Year is the perfect time to experiment with hair, makeup, and fashion. Revamp yourself. 

"Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change,

for a better life, for a better you. And that’s a wonderful thing."

-Leo Babauta

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