Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Three Kings Day! / Feliz Dia de Reyes!

Americans have Santa Claus, we have 3 Kings... yes! Puerto Rico's tradition is celebrating the moment in which the 3 Kings followed the star to find Jesus... We "Boricuas" love to celebrate a lot of things and as US citizens well we also have their traditions.. we adopted them.


Los Americanos tienen a Santa Claus, nostros tenemos a los Reyes Magos... Si! La tradición puertorriqueña es celebrar el momento en el que los 3 Reyes siguieron la estrella para llegar hasta Jesus... Nosotros los "Boricuas" nos encanta celebrar muchas cosas y como ciudadanos Americanos tambien tenemos sus tradiciones... Las adoptamos.

so this is what I wore on 3 kings day eve (January 5th)... i have no idea how to translate that into English jajaja... I wore my favorite pink capri jeans some pink flats my new Mine ivory shirt. All from marshalls... yeah I am a marshalls girl. / asi que eato fue lo que utilice en viapera de reyes.... no tengo idea de como traducir eso al ingles jajajaja... me puse mi pantalon capri preferiso, con unas zapatillas rosas y mi nueva camisa MINE. Todo de marshalls... si! soy una chica marshalls jajaja.

This was what I wore on the 3 kings day (January 6th) My black Jeggings from Forever21, and my Ivory/black collar blouse I think it is also from Forever21.. Of course my favorite pink flats. / Esto fue lo que use en el dia de reyes (6 de enero).. Mis Jeggings Negros de Forever21 y mi blusa color Ivory con collar negro, la cual tambien creo que es de Forever21. Obviamente no podia faltar mis flats rosas preferidas


  1. I was really interested by this post. Before meeting my husband I had never heard of this day but every time I ask him when we're taking down the Christmas decorations he says on the day of the 3 kings. I hadn't even heard of it and I've always been used to the tree coming down on the first weekend of January. (Husband is Salvadorean)

  2. Really!?I people in "El Salvador" celebrate 3 kings day.. wow! I didnt know..... that tradition here in PR is being over-throned by Santa Clause, although each town still makes parades and all that stuff, I realized that not to many people attended as they did in the past. People here are adapting more and more to the American traditions and celebrations and are forgetting about their own... which i dont mind because I feel like a U.S. citizen (which i am) but my roots are my roots and I am also puertorrican and I dont want my country to loose its identity. Plus I want my kids in the future (if I have the blessing in the future of having kids) to experience and participate in the same traditions I did as a kid...



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