Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years inspiration / Inspiración de Año Nuevo

Hello. lovely readers! A few months ago I told you that I had entered the 2014 Blogger Challenge. Well, its finally here. The first post, and Its all about new years inspirations. I know many of you (probably all of you) made the exact same resolution I did this year (the same one we make every year). GET FIT! so what better way to inspire you and inspire myself to accomplish our goal than this...

Hola, amados lectores . Hace unos meses atras les dije que habia decidido ser parte del 2014 Blogger Challenge, pues al fin está aqui, el primer "post". y trata sobre inspiraciones de año nuevo. Se que muchos de istedes (probablemente todos) hayan realizado la misma resolucion que yo para este año (la misma que hacemos todos los años) hacer ejercicios. Asi que, que mejor manera de inspirarlos a ustedes e inspirarme a mi misma que con esto...


  1. Some great inspirational things there. I followed you through the 2014bloggerchallenge and I just wanted to say I love the way you write in both English and Spanish. I am only a beginner trying to learn Spanish but I'm sure it will be helpful for me to read your posts and see the translations. Thank you for that. I look forward to reading more

    1. Thanks sweets!... My first language is Spanish! the fact that I started writing it in both English and Spanish is because of my friends, not all of them speak English, so they asked me to do it like this in both languages. I you need any help, just email me! I will gladly help you! I am looking forward to your posts also! :) Happy New Years!



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