Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fashion February: Harem Pants

*I'm ditching the schedule thing now..... this post is a few days behind scheduled ups! 

I'm back with the second post of Fashion February! If you'd like to see my first post of the series, then click HERE. This week we were asked to style harem/hammer pants and we also had to discuss ear cuffs (if we wanted a little bit more of a challenge) as an accessory, but to be honest I dont use them at all. lets just stick to the pants shall we?.  / Estoy de vuelta con el segundo "post: de Fashion February! Si deseas ver mi primer "post"de esta serie solo dale click AQUI. Esta semana se nos pidio "style" los pantalones harem/hammer y tambien se nos pidio discutir some los "ear cuffs" (esto si queriamos un poco mas de competencia) como un accesorio, pero para ser honesta yo no uso eso, para naa. Asi que nos quedamos solo en los pantalones.

Do you like/dislike the item? / Te gusta o no te gusta esta pieza?
I love them! they are so comfortable, of course there have been some debate on the fashion world about them in the past few years. But I dont care!  I say BUY THEM!!!  In my opinion they are quite tricky to style but they do have quite of a boho-chic-ish side to them, which I love / Yo los amo Son tan comodos, y si han habido un poco de debate en el mundo de la mona en los pasados años, pero a mi no me importa, Yo digo COMPRALOS!!! En mi opinion estos pantlones son un poquito dificiles de "style" pero tienen un ldo un poco boho-chic que me encanta.

Talk/share how you'd style it in an outfit... / Habla/comparte como tu "style" esta pieza...
Actions speak louder than words right? so there is a picture above of how I'd style them. I used a dress-harem-pants so I would say, this is more of a going out to dinner kind of outfit. Something I would definitely wear. / Las acciones hablan mas fuerte que las palabras, Asi que con la foto de arriba de como combinarlos. Yo utilize uno un poco mas formal, asi que diria que este es mas para una salia a cenar. Yo definitivamente utiliaria esto.

If you had to buy it, where would you purchase it? / si tuvieras que comprarlos, ¿donde los comprarias?
I am a Forever 21. girl all the way. and as the matter of fact, I bought mine there, a few years ago when they where totally in last time (about 2 years ago) still have them, still love them, still wear them. / Yo soy una chica Forever y de verdad yo compre el mio (el pantalon) ahi, hace unos años atras, cuado estaban a la moda por ultima vez (hace como 2 años atras) todavia los tengo, todavia los amo, todavia los uso.
Comment below how you would style
Harem/Hammer pants...
Funny Fact! Do you know why they are also called Hammer pants... well just watch... Yes! He made the popular in the 90's. So my friends this trend goes waaaayyy back! / Dato curioso! ¿Sabes porque tambien se llaman Hammer Pants?...... solo mira.... Si! El hizo estos pantalones populares en los 90. Asi que amigos mios, esta moda es de muuuucho tiempo atras.

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