Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dear Self: Refuse to Quit

Good Morning Beautiful,
     I was snooping trough instagram and Sara D. Jakes posted something you might identify with. Hope you like it. Be Have a blessed day.

"There will be complications. Some things won't add up until time passes by. You'll become so blinded by pain you'll long for a deeper hurt just to prove you can still feel. You will loose yourself along the way. The taste of tears will season every success. You'll fight to discover joy in the face of your fears. Discouragement will come, but your determination will push it away. You will feel weaker than you thought possible so you can become stronger than you ever imagined. You will learn the price of survival is the willingness to hurt again. The lessons your wounds carry will be your companion. The endurance your heart gains will be the evidence that convinces you, you were created to be stronger than this moment."
                                                           - Sarah D. Jakes 

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