Thursday, June 11, 2015

Letter To My 30 Year Old Self

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Edited By: Milarie Cardona
Dear 30 Year Old Me,

 I am 24 years old right now. Ive travelled, had no serious boyfriends and I am not quite done with college. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the tectonic shift in the life ahead of me. I am planning on moving to ********** in a few months, and its scary leaving everything behind. Wilł i be succesful or will I crawl back to Puerto Rico? Who will still be in mu life by the time Im 30? Will I be single? married? have children? will i own a lot of cats? jajaja How about this, will i still be blogging? will this blogging thing make me money some day? because right now its just a hobbie. But i do like it, maybe i will turn my passion into a career. 

I'm in my early almost mid 20's and I've spend most of my life pleasing and making others happy. Will I make myself happy? Will I do things for myself for once? I hope there is an adequate amount of leasure and fun and general sillines in me when i turn 30. I dont want to grow up into this boring, moody old lady (Im not saying you are old, right now 30's are the new 20's jaja). I hope that whatever you are doing mes you happy and gives you/me/us a sense of achievement. If you have regrets, get over the. Life is too short for regrets and life is to long to be wasted on bitterness.

30 year old self, I really hope you got over your social phobia, i hope you are married, engaged or at least on a serious relationship, with someone who values you., cares about you and most of all who puts God first in his life. Please stay away from guys like the one you dated when you where 23/24, that was such a waste of your time. Dont give in to your hormones, use your neurones the next time you fall for someone.

You should also be closer to God, closer than you ever been. He is the only one that has been there for you 24/7. Always remember that. 

Remember that I have high expectations for you/me/us. 

    Your 24 year old self. 


What would you tell your 30 year old self?
If you write your own letter send me the link to your blog so I can read it.
God Bless! 

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