Monday, June 1, 2015

On My Way To a Minimalistic Lyfestyle


So my life has been pretty caotic in the past 2 years. I have to say that things are not going as I expected them to go. I feel that my life is a mess right now and that I need to make a change if I want to become a succesful young woman. I am 24 years old after all and I feel that I have nothing to show for it.  And THAT ladies (and gents) is the reason why I am on the road of becoming a minimalist.

Now before I continue explaining the why's and the how's, lets beggin with explaining what is in fact minimalism. 

Defining minimalism is a bit difficult as it's more of a lifestyle than a personality trait.  Just like many other people (i think) I see the minimalistic lifestyle in terms of meaningfulness. I dont need stuff to make myself happy or fulfill unmet desires.

I absolutely love the way Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus define what minimalism is. They say:

"Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom.
Freedom of fear, worry, overwhelm, guilt and depression.
Freedom from the trapping of the consumer culture we've built our lives around.
Real freedom." 

Now to why am I doing this lifestyle change. So if we go back to the biggining of this post i was saying that this past 2 years have been extremely difficult for me. I wont get into any personal details, but whatever happened made me grow up A LOT! and it also made me want to change certain things in my life, And my lifestyle is the first thing that has to change. 

            Mila ♥


  1. I've been wanting to do a minimalistic lifestyle because over the past year, I realized I've hoarded A LOT of random and useless stuff. I'm starting slow (very slowly) by cleaning up my room and closet before I tackle things around the house.

    1. That is the exact same thing im doing. I started about a month ago.Every week I tackle something in my room. Its almost done, what I do is that I choose something on my room every week and i go trough it. For example, last week i did my desk, this week is my closet. after i finish the entire room, i will do it again, because i feel that i still saved some stuff i dont need, because of some sentimental value.... good luck with your jorney. God Bless



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