Monday, July 20, 2015

Planner Addict Tag


Hey Lovies; I don't really know if I have already told you guys about an obsession I've been having for about 6 months now and that is "PLANNERS". Yes I am one of those girls that spends a lot of money on washi-tape and stickers and stuff....So one of my favorite youtuber who loves planner decorating and stuff like that is Belinda Seline.. I KNOW WHO DOESNT LOVE HER ...  So Belinda and Elle Fowler (yes another favorite youtuber of mine) created this tag and I decided to do it.

Here we go

♥ How many planners do you have?
I currently own 3 paper planners and 2 apps.

♥ How many planners you use simultaneously?
I tend to use them all, but I realize its too much work so I am trying to stick with one paper planner and of course my small college planner

♥ When did you start decorating your planner?
I started decorating my planner about 7 months ago. I saw one of Belinda Selenes youtube video and I fell in love with how beautiful her planners looked, so I decided to start decorating mine. 

♥ If you could only have one item to decorate your planner which one would it be?
Washi-tape!!!... I own quite a few, and I keep buying more and more, they are so versatile and just adorable.

♥ What is your favorite pen to write with?
I am a sharpie kind of girl, although they are a little on the expensive side, they are a most.

♥ Whats your favorite store to shop for planner supplies?
I tend to shop online, either Amazon or ebay. But I also love office max. I do want to try etsy at some point of my life.

♥ What is the most you spend on one trip / one store for planning shopping?
I don't spend that much money on my planners. the most I have spend on one trip would be about $50 or $60.

♥ What is your planning routine?
I like to sit down on Saturday nights or sunday nights, and plan for the whole week, I tend to do my everyday to do list, separately, meaning, every day I wake up, pour some coffee and just plan my day. 

♥ If you could only pick one planner to use, which one would it be and why?
I don't have a favorite planner yet, Lets say I haven't found the one. I still need to try the Erin Condrin (which I am dying to buy) and of course the Kate Spade.

Of course I tag all of you, specially my dear friend Frances Bajandas from

Love Mila ♥

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