Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spotlight: Georgina Fox

Georgina Fox is like she sais on her blog a "David Dickinson wannabe"... a fan of fake bake and a lover of bargains. Keep on reading to learn more about this upcoming blogger.

P.S. She is a recently Uni graduate, , with the success of graduation comes more challenges and opportunities in life. Face them both with the same zeal and determination so congratulations  Georgina! ;)

What motivated you to create your own blog?

I was introduced to the world of blogging when I did an internship at a big media agency when I was in my second year of uni. It sounds insane to me now it's such a big part of my life, but before then I didn't even know blogs existed! It was sites like Media Marmalade and In The Frow that first got me hooked. I was completely bedazzled by these women who created these addictive online worlds and I wanted a slice of the action! Remember back in the day when everyone had a Piczo site? Well I was obsessed with mine back then and blogging kind of just feels like a grown up version of Piczo!

I started a couple of blogs in the months that followed but never really got it right until I went to visit my boyfriend for a while when he was living in America. He played football out there so whenever he was training I worked on a new site that was more me and eventually Fox on the Hunt (under a different name back then) was born - and I've stuck with it ever since! 

What are the things that inspires you the most to create new content?

Out of all the things that can be tough to deal with when running a blog, coming up with content is probably the one thing I find pretty easy. I see inspiration everywhere! For example, I was looking at my friend Adam's eyebrows the other week (they're pretty impressive) and found myself coming up with a post based around a bunch of different brow shapes from people I know. I literally just take everything I'm excited or intrigued by and see how I could shape it into an article. 

And whilst I enjoy product reviews and round ups that are more bite size I've been leaning towards more long form content that strikes a different note lately - stuff that you'd hope your readers might bookmark for later or email to a friend. 

As a perfectionist I find the transition of blog content quite a tough thing to manage - the quality and direction constantly changes and lots of the time I feel like I wish I could have launched it with a stream of perfect content, with the perfect design etc. But that's just not how it goes and I think it's important to embrace that!

What would be your ideal working environment?

Since I've been squeezing blogging in alongside jobs and studying since I began my working environment's have ranged from my bed, to trains, to coffee shops and everywhere in-between! I'd love a dedicated little space - a bit of a desk set up with a pin board so I can shove inspiration up whenever it strikes. I think this would help with work-blog-life boundaries too - it's often difficult to switch off when the space you blog in is also the space you relax in. I also love to work outside whenever I get the chance. The outdoors is just good for your soul - period!

Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
It’s 1 million per cent a hobby and probably always will be - though you should never say never, right? Since my career is in marketing I’m lucky enough to have lots of crossover between my profession and blogging so I don’t feel like the two are totally separate things. Having spent the last four years studying and working free or low paid internships I’ve appreciated the extra income my blog brings here and there, but it is in no way a major motivation. This thing is my baby. 

Every blogger looks up to other bloggers. Who has inspired you in the blogging community and why?

Ahh there are too many to name. A great place to start is the reading list on my site which includes many of my favourite bloggers across a whole spectrum of areas including fashion, beauty, travel, craft and fitness. If I had to pull out a few names I'd probably start with Gracie Francesca and Nadia Aboulhosn. Both are incredibly strong, beautiful and fashion forward women who are advocates of body confidence and neither are afraid to speak their mind on important cultural and social issues. Pie & Fash is another favourite - Daisy writes the wittiest posts on everything from fashion to feminism (and beyond) with no fear and she makes me scream with laughter! Cocochic (written by my beautiful pal Steph) is a great example of how the blogging industry is maturing - she began way-back-when with outfit posts and has since developed into longer, more thoughtful (and brilliantly witty) posts that cover a whole host of issues whilst still capturing her enviable outfits. Frassy is another favourite. Audrey manages to combine stunning imagery with thoughtful and refreshingly frank articles. Her words are like therapy - she's a star
If a new blogger walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had five minutes to give him/her your best tip, what would it be?

Within our industry (and beauty blogging in particular) it feels like a stereotypical template of what a blog should look like has emerged - I’m seeing lots of the same features, products, photography and designs. If I had one piece of advice for a new blogger it would be to find their own voice and style and to run with it! Conforming heavily will do you no favours in the long term. Instead carve out your own niche and do something different that is totally true to you. It’s more likely to feel authentic, get you noticed and above all you’re going to love what you’re doing. And that’s what really counts at the end of the day.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ultimately my career is my number one priority so I hope to have achieved several jumps up the ladder by the time five years has flown by! In terms of my blog, I hope that my little community of readers continues to grow (for me, regular comments and conversations trumps page views every time) and I’d really like to have expanded away from being predominantly beauty focused to including more opinion pieces and travel. 

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