Monday, August 3, 2015

College Series: Fashion

Hey girls, With classes just around the corner, its time for us to ditch the bathing suits, grab on our back packs and hit the road of college life (or high school).  As a high school student I had to use this horrendous uniform, it was a navy blue skirt and a white polo shirt. So I am glad to day that in college I don't have to use a uniform. But here is where the problem comes. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? with almost a week left of vacations I did what almost everyone of you do. Snoop trough the internet and this Is what I found. 4 outfits that I totally caught my eye, I loved them and I would most definitely wear something like this to class.
As a little side note, I know this are probably not your usual summer/fall color palate for the typical fashion world. But hey, I am not here to show you what everyone else Is wearing. I'm just here to express myself. SUE ME! Lately I've been loving really neutral/dark color pieces and this goes with that line of items I've been loving.  Hope you like them.

 -Mila ♥





Disclaimer: I do not own this pictures, someone shared them on a Facebook page and I used them because I loved the pieces so much.

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  1. Love those outfits, cant wait for fall! xx



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